Daniel (1982) lives and works in Leiden, the Netherlands. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Exhibitions include, the National Museum of Revolution, Cuba. Duo with Phillip Akkerman, The Hague; SOHD, Cobra Museum, Amstelveen; El Pez Soluble Gallery, Mexico; Booth Gallery, New York; The Who Gallery, London; Den Gallery, Kuwait city; Thinkspace, Los Angeles.

Daniel is co-founder of artist initiative Arthouse which organizes several projects and runs two residencies (NL/MEX). In 2019 he co-founded the annual 1606 project that facilitates cross cultural connections between international artists in collaboration with PaintGuide and the University of Leiden among other local partners in The Netherlands and Mexico.

"The action of dropping a series of objects on the ground causes a consequence that in itself already has a clear aesthetic composition, but what then is the artist if not a facilitator of gravity and the work of art the outcome of this simple movement. The clear difference between chance or banality and expression is simply recognition, the paradoxical simplicity that exists between work and play, between beauty and ugliness and ultimately, between life and art. Said recognition differentiates the sensible from the pragmatic and positivistic, so, sensibility explains the work of Daniel Martin. His work, unlike many of his contemporaries, focuses on ambiguous outcomes and denies a clear objective, each piece is an exploration between deformation, decay, truth and untruth. The physical objects (which are usually randomly chosen ready-mades) or what he calls matter, are the primary medium which is manipulated during the creative process, but these objects are contextualized into aesthetic reproductions of structural patterns. The ambiguity that these finished compositions represent could be explained as a place where progress is an absolute."

By Ricardo Diaque


T.B.A MAQRO Museum, Queretaro, Mexico

T.B.A. Boccara Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico

Solo & Duo exhibitions

2019 (duo) The Self, The Who Gallery x The Ministry, Hector Trend, London, UK

2019 De oorsprong, Galerie Ritsart, Maassluis

2018 Forma prima, El pez soluble Gallery, Tequisquiapan, Mexico

2018 (duo) All you can art 3, Kunsthal, collaboration Johanna Franco Zapata, Rotterdam

2017 View from another angle, Culture Fund, Leiden

2015 (duo) Philip Akkerman, Koppen bij elkaar, Sis Josip Gallery, Den Haag

2014 I never lost you, Kunsthuizen, Leiden

2013 Enface, Gallery Klooster, Noordwijk

Group exhibitions & fairs


S.O.H.D, Cobra museum, Amstelveen

RAW (Rome Art Week), Rome, Italy

Thinkspace x Paintguide, Los Angeles, US

FNCV Art Fair, Tequisquiapan, Mexico

Bacanal, Granada Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Habitus, Galerie Sille, Oudewater

Open studio, Palazzo Monti, Brescia, Italy

La Tarea Trece, Hercules, Queretaro, Mexico

Drieluik, Pieterskerk, Leiden

Prefacio, Granada gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fris, Ars Aemula Naturea, Leiden


Zebra one gallery, Identity, London,UK

Swab art fair, Granada gallery, Barcelona

Bloom, Booth Gallery, New York, US

Spoke art x Paintguide, San Francisco, US

AAF, kunsthuizen, Amsterdam

Micro art fair, Holland art house, Leiderdorp

Vigour, Den Gallery, Kuwait city, Kuwait

First art fair, Amsterdam

UNEAC Gallery, Matanzas, Cuba

National museum of revolution, Havana, Cuba


Palazzo Monti, Brescia, Italy

Breaking boundaries, Kunsthuis, Amsterdam

Mijn schrift, LL Gallery, Leiden


Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam

Nouveau Theatre, LL Gallery, Leiden

Kunstroute, Haagweg 4, Leiden

Faces, van Schaik & van Schaik, Zeist


Arthunters x 5&33 Gallery, Amsterdam

Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam

The new season, Gallery Sille, Oudewater

Kunstroute, Haagweg 4, Leiden

Face to Face, Firma van drie, Gouda

No Mans Art gallery, Call for artist, Rotterdam

What do we worship, Slangenpand, Amsterdam

Psycho, LL Gallery, Leiden


Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam

Kunstroute, Haagweg 4, Leiden

Affordable Art Fair, Maastricht

Scheltema, Birth of Joy, Leiden


AIR 9, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam

Kunstroute, Haagweg 4, Leiden

Museum Naturalis, Nacht van kunst en kennis, Leiden


Arthouse Pani, Mexico 2020

El Pez Soluble, Mexico, 2018

RuArtPark, Cuba, 2017

Palazzo Monti , Italy, 2017


Femke van Leeuwen, drie kunstenaars, drie projecten, Online galerij, maart 2019

Giulia Gregnanin, new generation residencies, FLASH ART, februari 2018

Inside a 13th century Italian palazzo turned art residency, Another magazine, october 2017 Bianca Martinelli, Giornale di Brescia, october 2017

Donnia Ghezlane-Lala, Dark Portraits Paintings Losing Their Identity, Fubiz, may 2016

Benny Thopson, Empty Kingdom, january 2016

Anders Dyhr, Xamou-art, april 2015

Anthony Hagan, Disposal of human identity, Stylenochaser, july 2015

Pirita Litmanen, REVS magazine, october 2014

Red. Los magazine, november 2014

Emma Willekes, Online galerij, Kunstenaar van de maand, january 2013

Renzo Candido, Kleurmakers, february 2013

Red. LOS magazine, november 2013

Red. LEVEN, march 2013


Honourable mention, Combat art prize, 2017

Nomans art gallery call for artists winner, 2015

Shortlisted, Beers contemporary visions V, 2014

Artslant prize, Round 6 winner, 2014